PvP Mode is a new feature in Towers of Mystoria to create some form of competitive between players.

The feature is mainly optional which is running by a matchmaking system. The system will try to match players of similar ratings within a league should they decide to attack each others.


There are currently 8 leagues determine by Town Hall's level.

Bronze => Silver => Gold => Platinum => Pearl => Jewel => Diamond => Nightsteel.

Occasion event take place to reward players with rubies base on their league's ranking.

PvP Battles:Edit

Attacking Base:Edit

Scouting Cost: 500 gold.

Upon scouting or revenge, there are 30 seconds to determine if it is ideal to attack the target.

Limit: x number of units at a time. It is possible to use every units available for the duration of battle.

Stones and Spells are allowed to use in battle.

Battle will be registered when the first unit is place within "green zone" or when the scouting time (30 seconds) running out.

The attacker will gain a minimum one star and get victory provide Town Hall is destroyed.

A percentage of defender's resources in production will be available to be loot. Attacker will receive resources for each damage dealt to relevant buildings (Town Hall, Wood Mill, Quarry).

Defending Base:Edit

Defender need to be aware that the base is attackable from all directions. Player's base will be vulnerable to be attacked when he/she is not online and no shield is in effect.

Destroyed production building will stop making resources until player click to repair them.

Defensive system can be set up via Shop.

Defender will receive information via Battle Reports detailed every attacks made by other players.

Avoid PvP:Edit

Match Making system will try not to put pvp players into attacking others who are not interested in pvp.

Start up rating of a player is 320. Each time a player win a pvp battle, an additional number of rating will be added up or taken away when lost. There will be distinction via number of  ratings between a player who like to attacking base and another player who does not touch PvP mode.

This means that a player with 320 ratings will not be attacked by another player with 400 and higher ratings (Even though he / she can be attacked by some others who have closer number of ratings).

Defeated defender will be given 12 hours shielding effect which will prevent from being attack again.

Shielding effect can be purchase with rubbies