Lumberjack Edit

Description:  Welcome! First of all you need more resources such as wood and stone. Woodmills produce wood, so please build one.
Tasks: Build a Woodmill.
Rewards: 10 Exp + 50 Currency gold + 50 Currency stone

Rock'n'Roll Edit

Description: Woodmill - check! Now, we'll need another greatly needed resource, stone. This foundation of every building can be gathered from a Quarry. Let's build one!
Tasks: Build a Quarry.
Rewards: 10 Exp + 50 Currency gold + 50 Currency wood

Wood ash Edit

Description: Now you have a Woodmill, make good use of it.
Tasks: Collect 30 Wood. (skip for 5 Currency rubies)
Rewards: 5 Exp + 50 Currency gold + 50 Currency stone

More and more Soldiers! Edit

Description: Now we have everything we need in order to construct some critical buildings! The Barracks are a good start allowing us to train Soldiers.
Tasks: Build a Barracks.

Train 2 Foot Soldiers. (skip for 10 Currency rubies)

Rewards: 15 Exp + 100 Currency gold

Rock your socks off! Edit

Description: Rock n Roll by building some Quarries.
Tasks: Collect 30 Stones. (skip for 5 Currency rubies)
Rewards: 10 Exp + 100 Currency gold + 100 Currency wood

Goblin Repellent Edit

Description: Our troops are getting restless - send them on a mission, it will boost their morale and we'll get rid of those pesky goblins.
Tasks: Win in 4. Breaking Camp 1. (skip for 25 Currency rubies)
Rewards: 50 Exp + 500 Currency gold

Tech-nologic Edit

Description: We're getting stronger, but let's not forget about our troops' equipment. Build a place where our scholars can upgrade swords, armors, bows, etc.
Tasks: Build a University.
Rewards: 25 Exp

Rob the Builder Edit

Description: description needed
Tasks: tasks needed (Upgrade Builder's Hut to Level 2?)
Rewards: rewards needed

Guards! Guards! Edit

Description: We heard that the enemy camp you are about to invade is a hideout for some really tough brutes. Upgrade the Barracks so we'll have more soldiers at hand.
Tasks: Upgrade the Barracks to Level 2.
Rewards: 150 Exp + 300 Currency gold

King of the Hill Edit

Description: Let's think about upgrading our Great Hall, this will open up new upgrade opportunities.
Tasks: Upgrade the Great Hall to Level 2.
Rewards: 200 Exp + 250 Currency stone + 250 Currency wood

Swordsmanship Edit

Description: Swoosh! Swoosh! That's the sound that good swords make when properly used. Let's make some for our soldiers.
Tasks: Upgrade our Foot Soldiers to Level 2.
Rewards: 100 Exp + 350 Currency gold

Perfectionist Edit

Description: I have a challenge for you, if you can beat it I'll give you a nice reward. And a cake...
Tasks: Complete 5. Breaking Camp 2 with a 3 star rating. (skip for 10 Currency rubies)
Rewards: 50 Exp + 250 Currency gold

Helpful Troublemakers Edit

Description: You know, we will need all the help that we can get, so maybe we could try to recruit some Rogues? I think they will agree to our terms if we build a Tavern. They love Taverns.
Tasks: Build a Tavern.
Rewards: 100 Currency gold