Centralized place provide players with options to purchase Buildings, DecoEdit

rations and Defences system.Edit


_ Archer Range: unlock Archer.

_ Barrack: unlock Foot Soldier

_ Alchemist Laboratory: crafting special consumable stones for combat powers.

_ Mason: increase number of upgrade possible for towers.

_ Tavern: Thief

_ Crossbowmen Range: unlock Crossbowman.

_ Knight's Hall: unlock Knight.

_ Cathedral: unlock Paladin.

_ Shooting Range: unlock Musketeer.

_ Assasin's Guild: unlock Assasin.

_ Wizard's Tower:

Unlock Wizard.

_ Fire Mage Tower:

Unlock Fire Mage.


Fireball (1s delay) - Damage all enemies within an area.

(Effect on both units and buildings)

_ Ice Mage Tower:

Unlock: Ice Mage.


Ice (Instant) - Freeze enemy units within area for few seconds and dealing damage.

(Effect on both units and buildings)

_ Earth Mage Tower:

Unlock: Earth Mage


Mud puddle (Instant) - Slowing down enemy units within area of effect by percentage over few seconds.

Healing puddle (Instant) - Healing own units within area by percentage over few seconds.

_ Lightning Mage Tower:

Unlock Lightning Mage.


Chain Lightning (Instant) - Damage an enemy unit and jump to multiple nearby units, reduce damage each time it jump.

_ Time Mage Tower: Reduce spell's cooldown time by percentage. It affect all four spells: Fireball, Earth Puddle, Chain Lightning and Ice


This option is mainly used to buy objective for decoration purpose for player's camp.

Objects can have some effects upon base pvp as defense wall's substitution.

It is now possible to place buildings and any objective on top of stone road.


Defense Wall: Max 140, upgradable.

Units Towers: Max 2 each type, upgradable.

Provide the same functions as towers in defensive battles. There is no placing restriction therefore it is common to see player put them "hidden" behind large building as cover.